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Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Living Spaces

Are you looking to create an entire room outside that’s filled with the features that you desire to enjoy your day-to-day outdoor living space? Your patio can serve as an entertainment space, tranquil relaxation zone, or your very own personal spa. Let ARC Pools & Construction design and build the outdoor living area that will give you a level of sophistication and practicality that’s valuable and long-lasting. We want you to be proud of the space that we create for you.

Benefits of an Outdoor Living Space

Design your area

Make a tranquil zone with running water flowing around your space or create a modern resort at home with our expert construction and design team.

Embrace your area

Use an outdoor living room to cozy up, play family games or enjoy some quiet time in the open air, or fire up the bbq with an outdoor kitchen that’s spacious with elegant lighting to gather the family for a night of outdoor dining.

Complete your project properly

Using a professional crew to handle planning, design and construction will give you the confidence and sense of ease that makes enjoying the finished product a little bit sweeter.

Outdoor Kitchen


Bring together large groups to socialize and have a bite to eat in an outdoor kitchen that’s built to function, wow and sustain. Having a professional designer to work on your outdoor living space can help transform your space in ways you didn’t think were possible, maximizing the functionality and appeal of your space.


Escape to your backyard with a practical and stunning outdoor space that suits your personal style and refines your day-to-day living. Our designs work all year long; use your pool and patio in the summer with friends and family, then curl up next to a roaring fire during colder seasons with loved ones. Our experience and knowledge gives our team the upper hand when planning, designing and building beautiful outdoor living spaces that families can cherish for the long-term.

Outdoor Living Room
What to expect from us working on your Outdoor Living Space

What To Expect from ARC Pools & Construction

We Plan Ahead

We Design Your Area

We Get Approval Before Proceeding

We Excavate The Area

We Build Exactly to Specs

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